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Based on the Book: Papyrus , the Plant that Changed the World


In a tweet many years ago Margaret Atwood said: “Who knew about the papyrus groves & their crucial role in migration? Thanks to @BwanaPapyrus: http://bwanapapyrus.blogspot.com.

Water World Ancient Egypt (Weebly)

About the Book - Papyrus, the Plant that changed the world

African Papyrus Swamps Today


The largest listed freshwater wetland in the world (the Sudd in South Sudan) is in danger. See how to save it in  my book Papyrus the Plant that Changed the World

How Papyrus Swamps Help Filter Pollution


 Papyrus swamps are one of the most effective and efficient natural pollution filters known to man.  Read about how this works in my book Papyrus the Plant that Changed the World.

Papyrus Swamps and Nature


Read about the plants and animals found in ancient and modern swamps in my book on papyrus that Barbara Kiser in Nature Magazine called a "swirling anthropological and environmental narrative."

Papyrus and the Modern World

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