Papyrus and the Evolution of Civilization from Ancient Egypt to Today’s Water Wars
by John Gaudet


A Fulbright Scholar to both India and Malaya, John Gaudet is a writer and practicing ecologist. His early research on the ancient aquatic plant, papyrus, funded in part by the National Geographic Society, took him to Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, and many other places in Africa where papyrus grows. His work has been discussed in Nature, and by Peter Moore on the BBC show Science Now, and in an article by Alan Cowell in the New York Times.

Known on MySpace as Bwana Papyrus or bwanapapyrus on Twitter he came by his name honestly in Africa while working in the swamps along the Nile River.

He is a trained ecologist with a Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley and is the author of many scientific papers on the ecology and development of papyrus swamps.

Of his earlier books, The Iron Snake, historical fiction, a novel about a railroad in Africa that affected millions of people, and Island of Pigs, a thriller set on an island in the South China Sea, both are available on Amazon. His writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Salon, Huffington Post and More recently, his book about papyrus (The Plant That Changed The World) published by Pegasus is now on sale.

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